Hey there, my name is

Caleb Epley

and I'm a web developer


Versatile Problem Solver

My career experience allows me to understand multiple facets of your business needs and bring solutions to your problems.

Well-Rounded Developer

With a thorough understanding of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP, I can help solve a variety of issues your business faces on the modern web.

Dynamic Content Creator

My wide range of skills allows me to bring you a one-stop shop for your content needs, be they writing, image generation, or logo design.

About Me

Hey, my name is Caleb. I'm a Web Developer from Rockport, Indiana.

My skills include HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP. I am also quick to adapt to new libraries and frameworks, and I have exposure to Vue.js and jQuery.

Whether you need a website or a web application, I'm ready to deliver high-quality solutions that meet your needs. Let's connect and make the web a more functional and visually appealing place!




Hemp Haul

A mock frontend for an ecommerce site with cart functionality, featuring an original logo and content.

Coded in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, other technologies used include Swiper.js and jQuery.


A mock blog for trading on political and pop culture event contracts, including sign up, login, and comment functionality.

The frontend is coded in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and the backend is coded in PHP.



A mock landing page for an event contract market. Features auto scrolling, login and signup modals, and toggling between different categories.

Technologies used include HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP.


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